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Our goal is to inspire healthy lifestyles and to help people not only reach their fitness goals, but also generate self esteem and confidence through kickboxing.

Whether you are looking to tone, your arms, legs, or core, there’s no area of the body kickboxing won’t tighten and tone. The cardio-heavy class will improve your power, speed, agility, and endurance and you’ll feel stronger every session.

Kickboxing is a high-intensity, high-impact workout elevating your heart rate throughout your session which means you’ll be setting fire to calories and blasting fat fast. One hour of kickboxing can burn 750 calories!

Highly motivating instructors will lead you through the best hour of your life. It’s you and the bag, kicking and punching your way to a new you. You’ll lose fat, tone muscle, build confidence and learn a knew skill all while having a blast. Come find a fierce new you!




Trainer | PT Certified


Manager | Trainer | PT Certified


Yoga Instructer | Stretch & Mobility Certified