I joined Impact almost a year ago now and I can honestly say this gym has changed my life. The trainers really care about you as a person and are ready to see you through to your goals. The environment is judgement free and so positive. I love the workouts, they are so fun and high energy. Ive gained so much from this gym; strength, endurance, stamina. I can’t believe where I am now from where I started. With kickboxing, HIIT/kettlebell, yoga, and personal training options; this gym is well rounded and offers a lot of variety for my workouts.

My biggest regret was waiting to give it a try, so if you’re thinking about it – just do it.

Stacy S.  |  Google

Really fun and challenging classes. My first lesson they had an instructor with me the whole time to explain and modify anything. Since then, everyone has been friendly when I’ve gone back. A welcoming environment and an AMAZING way to work up a sweat!

Mickell L.  |  Google

Easily the best kickboxing gym in Omaha. They were and still are so welcoming to me joining their gym! I used to have a problem with being motivated to work out, but now that’s a thing in the past and this place has helped me get back into a regular exercise schedule! There are several class times throughout the day so there is never an excuse to miss a day of class. The trainers are always so happy and excited to be there. They are also very experienced and are always wanting to help you on your form and challenge you to work harder. Go try a sample class, you won’t regret it!

Sarah W.  |  Google

Impact is a gym like no other. The trainers and members are extremely encouraging and welcoming. I actually get excited to go workout and extremely disappointed when I can’t go! This is a gym for people of all fitness levels. They will help you modify workouts to fit your abilities, whether you need to make it easier or more challenging, and then they challenge you to move past those modifications. It’s all about what your body CAN do, not what the scale says.

Hannah K.  |  Google

The best decision I made was joining this place! They keep you energized and motivated through each workout. The trainers are great at bringing the fun each session. The members are very welcoming to newcomers and we all encourage each other to be our best selves!

Editing 9 months later! Now been at it for more than a year and the team is great at pushing me to be better than I was the day before!

Kali M.  |  Google

This place is amazing! The trainers really care about the members, and the members themselves are encouraging and create an inclusive atmosphere. The workouts are varied and challenging. I’ve been going for two years and can’t say one bad thing about it. Love it!

Kara T.  |  Google

The workouts here keep you on your toes. Never the same great variety. The instructors keep you consistent. Glad to be apart of this “fitfam”. I’ve tried many other gyms/clubs and they really do care here. The owner Jody is the one who helped me with the sign up process. That was shocking that the owner actually answered the phone when I called and took time out to help me sign up. I was impressed. And have had a great experience with this place since then. Gave 5 stars and would highly recommend if you looking for a kickboxing gym.

Carrie P.  |  Google

Joined this gym about a year ago and Im very grateful that I did. It has been a journey and I wouldn’t change it for anything . The staff is very respectful, encouraging, friendly,and makes you feel very comfortable. The community of other members is like a big family and they’re also very welcoming and helpful. Whatever your goals are they will definitely help you achieve them.

Jordan L.  |  Google